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Security tips

“When moving into a new property we advise getting the locks changed. “Changing the locks” is a term most people use when they want to ensure the old occupants are no longer able to get in. Some customer’s are under the impression that the locks literally need to be swapped for new ones, but they don’t. We take your existing lock, disassemble it and introduce a new set of keys. This process makes use of the existing lock and saves on unnecessary expenditure on new parts. In the rare case where we can’t rekey a lock due to poor condition or parts no longer being available then it may be necessary to put a new lock on. In that event we are well positioned to replace most locks in commercial and residential applications as we stock a wide range of product with the aim of getting the job done first time. Our technicians are also available for all emergency locksmith bondi work.

Always lock all external doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a short while.

Ensure you lock up the garage with a sturdy deadlock, as the garage is the most common point of illicit entry.

Keep a well-lit clear line of sight from the outside your property to the front door, eg: trimmed shrubs, motion sensor lights.

Make sure security measures on your property are visible from outside; an alarm box should be noticeable from the street.

Motion sensor lights are an effective visual deterrent lighting up driveways, and front yards, making intruders feel watched

Install an alarm system to monitor windows and doors, if a window is forced the alarm will go off before the person enters.

Shop for an alarm system that has a “stay” feature, which can be used for perimeter protection. When armed, the stay feature will monitor the outside of your home, leaving you free to move around inside without setting the alarm off.

A safe is a good way to store valuables such as jewellery. Select a suitable safe as they offer varying levels of security. A safes security rating is measured in “overnight cash holding”. CMI stock a good range, from residential to bankers grade.

Patio bolts should be installed to sliding doors. Unfortunately sliding doors are prone to being lifted and or pried open. Patio bolts offer varying levels of security; dearer ones will have four fixing points whereas cheaper ones will have two.

Do not leave keys hidden outside in flowerbeds or under doormats. Thieves know where to look. A good idea would be to install a key safe. Supra make a range of weather resistant key safes in various sizes for reasonably secure key storage.

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